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All right, Breaking Bad, I guess you’re pretty good after all..

Posted in Art Stuff., General Tomfoolery. with tags , , , , , on September 20, 2013 by beauschemery

That title might be a little misleading. It sort of implies that I didn’t think Breaking Bad would be good at all. I totally did. I love Bryan Cranston. But one of the casualties of spending all one’s money on wine and author conventions is not having cable TV. I watch all my shows on Netflix or Hulu streamed through my Xbox.

So I started watching Breaking Bad a few months ago and I couldn’t get into it. Then a month or two after that I tried again. But it didn’t impress me. It felt like it was trying to be two shows: Walt the Cancer Victim Show and Walt the Budding Criminal Show.

Well this last attempt mere days ago yielded better results and since beginning over with Season 1, Episode 1 last Friday, I am now well into the fifth season. It took me one and half seasons to really get into it. Season Two got me hooked. Season Three was gold and Season 4 was like getting kicked in the nuts with gold! So yeah, I won’t ruin anything for anyone but it becomes masterful and watching Walt’s transformation and the transformation of the people and lives around him is good television. The writing is top notch and even the characters I want to see die are written really well.

At one point-when Walt was sporting his nose bandage- it occurred to me that Walt could easily be a tough-as-nails, constantly-beaten-but-never-down, Frank Miller-type character. Below you will find what was going to be a quick sketch and turned into a full piece of finished art, featuring Mr. White drawn in a Frank Miller style. Enjoy. And if you get a chance, pop over to my newly opened Etsy shop. Walt will be there.