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Two very nice reviews for The Unlikely Hero.

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The Unlikely Hero is out now and I’ve recieved two splendid reviews. One from Pixie at MM Good Book Reviews:

And one from The Novel Approach:


The Last Blade- Cover Revealed and more…

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The Last Blade- Cover Revealed and more...

Here it is- the final image for the cover of The Last Blade: The Verses of Vrelenden Book Two. That’s our hero, Ren with his mage, Dish.

Here’s the blurb for the book:
Ren Mallorian is finally a hero. He helped Celestrian, the lost unicorn, complete his quest, and he defeated the kingdom’s worst enemy, Grimthorn. Now Ren lives in the capital city doing odd quests for the king and his nobles—but he misses Celestrian.

One day the king summons Ren and the Prince of Toads, a noble who has taken the role of irreverent sidekick, and tasks them with assembling a team to combat an uprising in the Zombie Kingdom. On their journey across Vrelenden, they gather allies: Discimus, an accomplished wizard and a smug bastard (it’s a good thing he’s pretty). Jaron A-Dale, the captain of a city guard and an accomplished knight. Acorn, a tiny and mysterious elf girl. And an unexpected and extremely dangerous traveling companion.

But is there more to the Zombie threat and its newly raised army of the undead than meets the eye? Ren is having a tough time keeping his head straight, and with Ren and Dish distracted—both by their romance of convenience and the absence of the men they love—this may prove Ren’s most dangerous quest yet.

And you can pre-order it here:

I will also be attending Book Expo America in NY this year with my publisher, Harmony Ink Press. If you are going this great event stop by and say hi!

I’m reading.

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The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum (The Magnetron Chronicles, #1)The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum by D.L. Mackenzie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a fun read, slightly hindered by its strange and often unnecessary use of big, silly, technical-sounding words. I realize that it’s presumably written by the pseudo-genius Magnetron but, wow, sometimes it was just hard to read. I got this for free and to be honest, while I enjoyed it, I probably won’t seek out the others.

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